ALWAYS for Your Good

God is ALWAYS working for your good.  Even when we are enduring pain and sorrow, God always gives us beauty for ashes and he can take our mistakes and use them to bring about great victory, life and even purpose!

As I was reading Genesis 3 I came across the scriptures where God told Eve that her sorrows would be multiplied and that she would bear children because of her disobedience.

I have heard preachers in the past preach this as a punishment or even a curse and even using it in some way to try and show that God “put women in their place” because Eve made such a mistake.

This is common theology and it is so prevalent in much of Christian teaching.  As I read and thought, I wondered, where is the heart of God in this?  God IS LOVE and He is for us not against us and is always working for our benefit.  Even before the cross, the heart and emotions of God have always been that of love and as our Father.

So how could I find the spirit of the prophetic in this?  How could I see the loving heart of God in this?

What became ironic to me is that as I read that scripture over and was studying on it was that God did not say to Eve that He was punishing her, nor did He ever place a curse on her.  He did say that he would multiply her pain and sorrow and that there was a consequence for her actions but prior to letting Eve know this, God himself prophesied victory over the seed of Satan from the Seed of Eve!  God declared Jesus in that scripture as the seed that would bruise the head of Satan as He crushed Satan underfoot!

As I read it, I reflected on the process of a woman carrying a baby, delivering a baby and nurturing a young child is very hard, tiring and painful.  It takes a toll on women both emotionally and physically.

It was however, the necessary process through which a child could be born, that without the process (even though tiresome, painful and emotional) without woman to endure and persevere, there would be no continuation or carrying on of new life.

Here is the really awesome part though, through that process, through that responsibility that God placed on a woman and wife comes the salvation for all of mankind.

It was through this process and through the mistake of Eve that God set up the arrival of the Messiah Jesus Christ.

It was in this that I saw God’s heart and the spirit of the prophetic.  God could have cursed Eve, He could have punished her however He saw fit, but in the midst of her mistake, He gave her a purpose, an identity that was so unique and He planted the seed for the greatest honor – to bring forth into flesh God Himself!  Yes, there was pain and work but there was also joy and such love that was released from it!

As I began to realize this, it also made me begin to understand the reason why the anti-Christ spirit has such a stronghold in the area of abortion.

Killing babies is nothing new from a biblical study historically.  It happened to the Jews on more than one occasion.  Most prominently prior to the birth of Moses and of Jesus.

Both of which came to deliver God’s people from bondage and captivity, one in the natural the other in the spiritual.

As I looked at this it began to occur to me that the enemy used knowledge that was prophetically shared to God’s people to formulate a plan that ultimately failed.

In both instances Satan used the killing of innocent babies to try and stop the hand of God.  Both times, he failed.

So now I asked myself, why is abortion so important to the enemy?  Why would killing unborn babies be so important to the agenda of the anti-Christ outside the obvious that Satan hates mankind because God loves us and we are His children.

It seemed to click, Satan knows that His time is short, He also knows that God plans to pour out his spirit on ALL flesh in these end times.  I believe that God is raising up forerunners now and the coming generations will be the ones who will comprise the numbers of the glorious and victorious church, the church that will walk with power, victory and authority like never seen before.

For Satan, it is about keeping an impending army from happening.  He is trying to limit the numbers and effectiveness of the Army of God.

This is not a new tactic, it has been practiced for millennia by mankind.

The enemy has deceived so many women with spiritual espionage and tricked them into doing his work for him with the same initial lie that he deceived Eve with.

He is afraid of who might arise, who God may anoint and what damage these unborn individuals may have on his kingdom and being the coward that he is, he kills the helpless, the defenseless.

But, there is hope and good news.  Despite what the enemy has done historically and even though his tactics remain the same, so will his ultimate failure.

God is going to raise up his pastors, teachers, prophets, evangelists and apostles.  God is going to bring forth what He has purposed to do.



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