Fear Not…

The enemy wants to steal our joy and our relationship with our heavenly Father by trying to keep us focused on fear; fear of making mistakes, fear of failure, fear of falling down and most of all fear that God will be angry with us when we do.

God is not angry when we miss the mark, in fact God is excited to watch us as we take steps out in faith trusting the wisdom and the Mind of Christ He gives us because of His spirit being alive within us.

God is not disappointed, He is not taken aback when we don’t get it “perfect”. He is continuously telling you, He loves you, He is proud of You, you can do so much more!

He is there to pick you up just like a toddler learning to walk, taking steps, unbalanced and uncoordinated. He picks you up and holds your hand and encourages you to take steps on your own, listening to His voice behind you, guide you, teaching you, encouraging you.

This is the Dad that I have in my heavenly Father, this is the awesome big brother I have in Jesus. These are the ones who do not make me slave or servant, but love me as family.

It’s time to change your paradigm, it’s time to change your theology and doctrine through revelation, that this is a family relationship that is entirely wrapped up in and about love between Father God’s heart and our own.


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