Every person in the body of Christ is called to be in ministry in some form or another.

While not every person may operate as a pastor or evangelist, all believers have been given the ministry of reconciliation to spread the “Good News” of the Gospel.

This ministry should never be taken lightly or seen as secondary or inferior to any other ministry.  We as the church have to stop looking at the value or success of our calling and life by the standards the world uses.

God looks inwardly and does not see or value the importance of something the way the world does.  What may seem small and insignificant to man is great, wonderful, powerful and of significant purpose to The God of all creation.

Regardless of your past mistakes or failures, whatever your calling, God ordained it before the foundation of the world and God does not hold a plan “B” for your life.

Whatever situation you have found yourself in because of your past life, there is grace enough to superabundantly cover it, prepare you and launch you forward to release the Kingdom of Heaven into the world around you.

Whatever choices you have made in life, man cannot disqualify or reject what God has qualified and accepted.

Ministry is not vindicated by gaining a position in a church, a piece of paper with credentials, or intellectual knowledge of all things “Christian”.

Ministry is the result of our willingness to say “Yes” in obedience to all things revealed by the Holy Spirit daily, to release the Kingdom of Heaven into the lives of those we encounter.

Don’t let the enemy disqualify you based on your old identity, your present and future mistakes or the standards of the world or religion. You have a new identity; one that is established to the highest standard and is irrevocable through Jesus Christ.

Pray for a spirit of wisdom and revelation so that you may understand what it means to be called “A Son of God”. That you may know who you are in Christ and how your Heavenly Father sees you; with eyes that burn with love for you.

This revelation and communion is the engine and the heart of what drives ministry in our lives. That we live an outward expression of Jesus Christ because He lives in us.


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