Holy Spirit, You Rock!

I love the freedom and grace of Holy Spirit.  He is our biggest fan, our encourager, our teacher, comforter and so much more.  He is the epitome of freedom and the complete opposite of religion.

Holy Spirit loves it when we step out and try, when we take our toddling steps towards our destiny.  He gives us the room to experiment, to grow, to move in our motivations from His love without condemnation, fear or punishment.

His love is corrective, nurturing, growing and disciplining; in that He motivates and enables us to step up into a higher plane of relationship with Jesus Christ.

Religion teaches that we have to have a skill, way or thinking or characteristic before we learn it putting the cart before the horse but, the Holy Spirit teaches us and enables us through His power to walk through experiences that build concretely the in-depth truths of these skills, ways of thinking and characteristics that are quickened into our hearts forever becoming a “living truth”.

This is what it means to marry the “Word of God” to the “Spirit of God”.  We have to move out of the confines of religious, dogmatic, theological thinking.

It reminds me of stories I have heard that people I have worked with have told me about in regards to engineering.  There is a definitive difference between textbook theory and real world practical application.  While both have their place, there is a relationship that exists between the two to bring about the “real truth”.

Recently a dear sister of mine gave me a prophetic word that said “Your Joy and Strength are found in letting go of your preconceive notions”.  It was for me, a call to embrace the openness of Holy Spirit that cannot be contained in our finite understanding.  When we understand we don’t have to have it all figured out, have a formula for everything or put everything into nice little boxes so we can feel like we are smarter or more righteous and holy than someone else, we become free of the stifling confines of our own intellect and feeble minds.

Holy Spirit wants us to experience the Word, not just be able to recite it.  By that, I mean we have the opportunity to embrace and believe for every promise, blessing and every spiritual gift that has been afforded.

While many denominations will teach that James 1:22 refers to “outward works of righteousness”, for me it gives much broader connotations; that we should embrace ALL of what the Word of God has for us and walk in the fullness of that, not merely what we can seemingly accomplish in our own strengths.

James 1:22

22 But be doers of the Word [obey the message], and not merely listeners to it, betraying yourselves [into deception by reasoning contrary to the Truth].

We allow Holy Spirit to birth creativity, wisdom and the Mind of Christ in us and without having to carry all the baggage of convincing ourselves that we have control or a monopoly on what God is thinking or saying.  It is liberating and it is joyous.

It is impossible, yes impossible, to live the life of Christ and embrace our supernatural existence as a believer without knowing and having the Holy Spirit. For the flesh can only give birth to the flesh and the spirit must born of spirit.

We must endeavor to listen, see, feel and experience everything Holy Spirit has for us.  It is only through Him that the understanding of who Jesus Christ truly is becomes alive to us, that the living Word comes alive to us, that our identity and destiny comes alive to us.

I want more of Holy Spirit in my life, to live in a place of perpetual baptism of His love, power, grace and wisdom.  This is how we enable and live the abundant kingdom life.

Holy Spirit, you rock.


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