Grace,  it does not enable sin, it frees you from the power and confines of sin and empowers you to live a life apart from sin.  Saying grace gives Christians a “license to sin” is the same as saying “accepting Jesus Christ as your savior gives you a license to sin”.

Grace is not simply redemptive, in fact it is power at work through us by the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

Grace gives us full righteousness so that we are not bound by the condemnation of sin and gives us a new nature by which we live through Jesus Christ and produces the ability by its power towards us to abstain from sin and practice righteousness in our flesh.

No amount of behavior modification or will power will ever bring our flesh into submission, for what must be produced by the spirit cannot be birthed in the flesh.

We must understand that living under the title of “Son of God” is wrapped up in learning how our Father sees us.  To understand His love for us, being confident in that love and having wisdom and revelation concerning the grace of Jesus Christ.  In that, knowing that it provides our irrevocable righteousness and the supernatural nature of our relationship with the Holy Spirit


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