It is always amazing how God speaks things into our hearts about things we are dealing with or growing in.

As Christians, we know that our “confession” is very important and through reading and understanding God’s Word, we can see by example that we can make “declarations” about our lives based on the promises we have been given, whether it be about our daily needs, our healing, our finances or whatever situation we may be facing.

There is an interesting thing to declarations that God began to show me. When we make declarations, the result might not be immediate, but it makes known to all especially the “enemy” where we stand and what our intent is.

When the Colonial Americans wrote the “Declaration of Independence”, it was a bold statement to the enemy as to what their intentions were, what beliefs they held and what they were willing to do to see them realized.

Even though the “declaration” was made, the results and demands of the declaration were not immediately evident. There was a period of war, fighting, claiming territory, hardship and pain.

Through all of it however, one thing remained: The declaration stood and so did the people who made it.

In the end, there was a complete victory over a much larger and powerful enemy.

From that initial declaration, America went on to become the most powerful and greatest nation in the world.

So, what can we take from this? Make your declarations based on what the Word of God speaks over you and your life, agree with it, be tenacious about it. Don’t be discouraged if the results are not immediate because there may be war happening in the supernatural that is bringing you to the conclusion of your outward declaration to the enemy.

Sometimes battles are won swiftly, but sometimes it takes time to take the day.


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