No Plan B

Sometimes we don’t know what to say, sometimes we are too heavy to speak.

This can happen when we are weighed down by life’s concerns, when we are broken and hurting and when we are confused about our life and do not know what to do or what direction to go.

With our Heavenly Father, there is no pretentiousness, no need for formality.  We can sit without a word, without a song, without a scripted prayer and simply acknowledge God.

Our weakest and most broken connection captures and ravishes the heart of Jesus. In our weakness His strength is made complete, and His strength completes His work in us and through us.

Worship can begin as a broken silent cry in our hearts when we unable to speak, as a whisper when we cannot talk, as a word when we cannot yell.

Wherever we are His Spirit will bring us to the top of the mountain with the roar of a lion in the face of the enemy.

He is faithful, always, and He WILL finish the good work he has begun in you regardless of where you are, what your reputation has been or how the world sees you.

God has no “plan B” for your life and He is able to resurrect and carry out His “plan A” for your life’s calling. The gifts and callings of God are irrevocable.


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